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B2GM TRG parallel

Description, 3 go-kan room 325

LS1 schedule table

    • 1
      TSIM and software
      Speaker: Junhao Yin (Korea University)
    • 2
      Bhabha stt
      Speaker: Joon and YongHeon
    • 3
      Speaker: Richard Peschke (BELLE (BELLE Gruppe))
    • 4
      TRG efficiency study with dimuon
      Speaker: Xuyang Gao (Fudan University)
    • 5
      CDCTRG 3D, ADC
      Speaker: Hiroto Sudo (BELLE (BELLE II Experiment))
    • 6
      CDCTRG NN with increased #wire
      Speaker: Yuxin Liu (BELLE (BELLE II Experiment))
    • 5:00 PM
    • 7
      CDCTRG NN status
      Speaker: Christian Kiesling (Belle/MPIM (H1 / MPI Muenchen))
    • 8
      CDCTRG NN software
      Speaker: Felix Meggendorfer (BELLE (BELLE II Experiment))
    • 9
      CDCTRG 3DHough
      Speaker: Kai Lukas Unger (BELLE (BELLE II Experiment))
    • 10
      Displaced vertex
      Speaker: Elia Schmidt (2024-08-15 00:00:00)
    • 11
      CDCTRG GNN based tracking
      Speaker: Lea Reuter (Belle II)
    • 12
      LS1 schedule, open task for new commers
      Speaker: Taichiro Koga (BELLE (BELLE II Experiment))