Jul 13, 2021

New Group for external users

Dear Belle II Indico users,

we have created a second local group for granting permissions. This group is called ExternalUsers and is intended as a way to give non-Belle II members certain permissions on events and categories as opposed to the very broad permissions of the LocalBelle2 group. The external users with local login have to be created by an Indico admin, because we currently don't want to offer the possibility of self-registration. If you want to offer the possibility of such access to an external one, please write an email to The group ExternalUsers contains all accounts that only have a local login or regular accounts that have created a local account in their profile for whatever reason, as long as they have not logged in with their regular account for more than 30 days.  The latter group of persons will therefore lose their membership in the LocalBelle2 group after 30 days without logging in with their regular BELLE II / DESY account. Thus, they also lose all permissions associated with it.To rejoin the LocalBelle2 group and regain all associated permissions, it is only necessary to log in once with the regular account and wait 10 minutes for the automatic group assignment mechanism to start working.