Workshop on Beam Polarization

Zachary Liptak (BELLE (BELLE II Experiment))

A first workshop to facilitate discussion and knowledge sharing of all facets of polarized beams for current- and future-generation accelerators. The workshop will be held in a hybrid (in-person/online) format, with in-person meetings taking place at Hiroshima University. Session times are intended to be flexible to allow for discussion and so speakers needn't worry about running out of time. Hiroshima University Campus

Beam Polarization Workshop Registration
  • Angeles Faus-Golfe
  • Caleb Miller
  • Desmond Barber
  • Eugene Bulyak
  • Jacqueline Keintzel
  • Jim Ellison
  • John Michael Roney
  • Masao KURIKI
  • Vahid Ranjbar
  • Yi Wu
  • Zachary Liptak
  • Zhanguo ZONG
  • +11