1-5 March 2021
Europe/Berlin timezone

The 7th Belle II Starter Kit Workshop

This workshop will introduce new collaboration members to Belle II and in particular to the software stack required to start your work.

This workshop will be purely virtual and has a strong emphasis on self study, while we support you in several ways.

Shortly before and during the event, additional information will be available on this confluence page. Please check it regularly!

What am I signing up for?

  • Before the event: You will make sure that you have all required accounts. You also make sure that you are familiar with the software prerequisites (SSH, bash, python, git). Check the "Your preparations" section below for more details.
  • On Monday, we offer two kick off meetings (of which you should attend one). We will sit together and check that you have all the prerequisites for starting with the actual Belle II software. This is your time for questions! We might also prepare a small quiz or some activity for you to get to know each other.
  • After that you will be following a set of hands on lessons like the ones in this sphinx chapter (we are hoping to make a couple more improvements happen just before the workshop). Self study.
  • Tuesday: Self study time
  • On Wednesday, we offer two Q & A sessions (optional). We might also do a small quiz again.
  • Thursday: More self study time
  • During the whole event, we will closely monitor a help channels on b2chat. If you get stuck, you can expect to get answers within several minutes.
  • Finally, on Friday, we will offer small-group mentoring sessions (ideally around 5 people).
    • At the beginning you can show one or two slides about your results, learning curve or issues that you faced during the week (let's aim for 3 min)
    • After some discussion, it's question time! Ask anything about Belle II and its software. Work together to tackle some of the problems that you couldn't solve so far.
    • Usually mentors will also share some of their tips and tricks
  • There might be one or two optional live sessions, where we work on a lesson together. These might however not be offered for all time zones and might be announced rather short term.

Your preparations

Please make sure that

  • you have a working DESY account (Belle II User registration as linked here)
  • you have a working KEKCC account
  • optional fallback: you have a working NAF account
  • optional (for grid training): you have a working grid certificate
  • a running Linux or OS X System. On Windows, please install the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) See the opening remarks here.
  • you already completed the first 3 chapters of the online book: Collaborative tools, fundamentals, software prerequisites. If you are completely new to this, you can expect this to take 3 days.
Warning! Creating these accounts requires some time (up to one week), so please make sure you get them as soon as possible! Your supervisors probably can help you here.
Completing the prerequisites might take you 3 full days of studying!
Shortly before and during the event, additional information will be available on this confluence page. Please check it regularly!

Important notes

Warning! Please read this section carefully before signing up!
  • We strongly ask you to block most of the week for this training, so that you have time to complete everything to make the most of this opportunity!
  • If you sign up for the mentoring sessions, we expect you to show up! (unless of course there's unforeseeable circumstances)
  • A lot of voluntary work goes into these workshops. What we ask in return is that you give us ample feedback about what we can improve! If you're stuck somewhere, it's our fault until proven otherwise ;)

Q & A

  •  Is there a limit to the number of registrants? No.
  • When will the registration close? One week before the workshop starts, but please sign up as soon as possible so that we can accurately plan. Of course you can still profit from the training material. 
  • Can I modify my registration? Yes, till the end of the registration period.
  • Does it make sense to sign up even if I don't attend a mentoring session? Yes, just so we can brag about the number of participants.
  • Will this work with my time zone? Yes, there will be several time slots for the mentoring and at least two copies of all other important meetings. There will also always be support on b2chat
Any other questions? Please write to kilian.lieret (at) lmu.de