In recent years, experimental measurements of the decays b --> c tau nu and b --> s l l  at LHCb, BABAR and Belle have shown intriguing discrepancies from the SM predictions. In addition to improving these measurements and relevant SM calculations, BSM scenarios motivate expanding these studies to related processes, many of which have invisible neutrinos - missing particles - in the final state.  These include b--> u tau nu, b-->s tau tau, b-->s tau l, b--> s nu nu, etc. Tackling these challenges involves ongoing development of new experimental and theoretical techniques.

The goals of the mini-workshop are to advance and promote this research by bringing together Belle II, LHCb, and theory people for discussion and development of new ideas, as well as by introducing the topics to both graduate students and senior physicists.

The workshop will take place online. A connection link will be emailed to the participants later.