Belle II Academy

Botho Paschen (University of Bonn), Florian Bernlochner (Belle (SuperKEKB Experiment)), Jochen Dingfelder (University of Bonn), Markus Prim (BELLE (BELLE II Experiment)), Peter Lewis (BELLE (BELLE II Experiment)), William Sutcliffe (BELLE (BELLE Gruppe))

Welcome to the 2nd Belle II Academy

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Update: The registration is now closed.

Update: The registration for the School will be closed on June 30th. If you wish to attend, please register soon.

The German Belle II groups organize its second advanced school on flavor physics, aimed at PhD candidates and new Postdocs, with kind support of the German Ministry of Education and Research. The academy takes place in the week from August 1st - August 5th in Bonn. 

The school is centered around two hands-on projects the participants will work on during the week in block courses:

1) The first focuses on building a small particle detector with a USB readout. You will solder components on your own circuit board, hook up your final detector with your laptop and carry out measurements of sample materials. In addition, you will learn how to run a simulation of the circuit board to debug a hardware system.

2) The second is a determination of the CKM matrix elements |Vub| and |Vcb|. This will entail carrying out the different analyses steps ranging from the background subtraction, unfolding the observed spectrum, and the final form factor fit. 

These two hands-on tutorials are embedded in a small number of topical lectures and evening presentations. A significant amount of time of the school will be spent on working in small teams on the two projects. 

The topical lectures will cover: introduction into of electronics and particle detectors, overview of the theory of semileptonic decays, brief introduction to the CKM sector of the SM, overview of experimental methods (background subtractions with binned and unbinned fits, observable unfolding, interpretation of measured data).

An overview of the week's schedule can be found here.

Bonn is easy accessible via train or via flights to Frankfurt or Düsseldorf. In August you will be able to buy a ticket for 9 Euros that allows you to use any local public transit (excluding high-speed trains like ICEs, IC, EC). There are many hotels in town, and we recommend these three as they are near the physics institute:

Hotel Kurfürstenhof

President Hotel

Intercity Hotel

In addition, there is also the youth hostel at Venusberg with very affordable rates:


Florian Bernlochner