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Belle II Data Preservation Workshop

Florian Bernlochner (Belle (SuperKEKB Experiment)), Slavomira Stefkova (BELLE (BELLE Gruppe))

Goal and Scope of the Workshop

The goal of the workshop is to connect interested Belle II members with outside experts, to hear of best practices and get a summary of the need of outside users of our measurements. The workshop is open for participation to all interested parties. Please simply register. 


The workshop will take place in the Aula Magna at the Dipartimento di Ingegneria (Engineering Department) of the Roma Tre University, located in Via Vito Volterra 62.

"Basilica San Paolo" along the Metro B line is the closest metro station w.r.t. the workshop venue (around 800 m, link to Google Map). The venue is also served by the bus lines 23, 170, 669, 670 and 791.

Covid regulations

Since the 1st June 2022 proof of vaccination or the result of a CPR test (commonly referred as "green pass") are no more required to enter in Italy from EU Member States and other foreign countries. Similarly, it is no longer mandatory to show a Green Pass to access businesses and services in Italy.

Masks are still required on long-distance trains, local trasportation and busses, but the current mandates are set to expire on September 30th.


Participants are expected to arrange their accommodation on their own.


Several options are available for lunch around the workshop venue. From Monday to Friday, it will be also possible having lunch at the Roma Tre canteen (a full meal costs Euro 7.70), which is located inside the Engineering Department campus.

Remote Participation

Remote participation will be possible; we will provide a Zoom link to all registered participants. 

Wi-fi on the venue

An eduroam Wi-Fi network will be available in all the workshop areas during the entire week.

Social Dinner

The social dinner of the workshop will take place at the restaurant "Tanto pè magnà", located in Via Giustino de Jacobis, 9. It is about 20 minutes by walking from the "Basilica San Paolo" metro station:

The dinner will start at 20:00. On Thursday we can organize to walk there together.

  • Ana Trisovic
  • Caspar Schmitt
  • Chaoyi Lyu
  • Florian Bernlochner
  • Graeme Watt
  • Ilias Tsaklidis
  • Jyotirmoi Borah
  • Kati Lassila-Perini
  • Lu Cao
  • Manish Kumar
  • Marcus Ebert
  • Markus Reif
  • Michele Veronesi
  • Paul Laycock
  • Peter Stangl
  • Slavomira Stefkova
  • Stefano Lacaprara
  • Zachary Liptak
    • 1
      Speakers: Florian Bernlochner (Belle (SuperKEKB Experiment)), Slavomira Stefkova (BELLE (BELLE Gruppe))
    • 2
      Why is data preservation important?
      Speaker: Ana Trisovic (Harvard / LHCb)
    • 3
      HepData: THE repository for HEP data
      Speaker: Graeme Watt (Durham University)
    • 4
      LHC Perspectives with CMS
      Speaker: Kati Lassila-Perini
    • 5
      Theory perspective on Data Preservation
      Speaker: Peter Stangl
    • 6
      Preservation Experience at BaBar
      Speaker: Marcus Ebert (BELLE (BELLE II Experiment))
    • 7
      Data Preservation at Belle II
      Speaker: David Jaffe (BELLE (BELLE II Experiment))
    • 8
      TBC (iminuit)
    • 9
      TBC (RooFit)
    • 10
      Preserving likelihoods with Pyhf
      Speaker: Lukas Heinrich (LMU)
    • 11
      ZFit package & likelihood preservation
      Speaker: Jonas Eschle (UZH)
    • 12
      B -> K nu nu as an example
      Speaker: Slavomira Stefkova (BELLE (BELLE Gruppe))
    • 13
      B -> Xu l nu as an example
      Speaker: Lu Cao (BELLE (BELLE Gruppe))